Rose Buds

The Pink Rose Buds available by our company Our sorting and packing facilities have located at the heart of Rose farms in Shiraz. This way we gather the finest quality of the Roses from selected Rose farms. We carefully sort each lot of the Rose buds enter to our facilities by our experienced stuff and […]


Types of figs After being picked, cleaned and processed, the fig is then dried or pressed. Available figs are prepared in different grades shown below. Figs Dried – 101AAA Figs Dried – 101AA Figs Dried – AAAS Figs Dried – AAS Figs Dried – AS Figs Dried – AA+ Figs Dried – A+ Figs Dried […]


  Dates Fruit Dates fruit is one of the most high quality tropical fruits which only can be grown in particular regions of the world. Date palm is cultivated at special weather condition which this situation is available at limited countries in the world and Iran because of having diversity in weather situation has been […]


Iranian Pistachio Varieties Some 90 varieties of pistachio are known in Iran. A number of them cultivated extensively and commercially and some of them are cultivated sporadically. The specifications of the most important commercial pistachios destined for exportation are as follows. Pistachio Kernel It is the kernel of pistachio removed from the shell. Pistachio kernel […]